Mousse of smoked salmon

  • Time cooking time: 10 minutes
  • Yield serves 6


    for the smoked salmon mousse:
    1 cup aspic jelly prepared with instant jelly powder
    8 slices black winter truffle
    5 ounces smoked salmon
    1 tablespoon mayonnaise
    1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin
    1/4 cup cold water
    1/2 cup heavy whipped cream
    4 ounces salmon caviar


    Line a decorative mold with aspic jelly and decorate with truffle circles.
    Cut the smoked salmon into pieces and puree in a food processor with mayonnaise. Dissolve gelatin in water. Allow to set for 5 minutes. Heat to melt gelatin and add to mixture while machine is working.
    Fold in whipped cream.
    Adjust seasoning, and pour into a mold. Mold should be half filled with smoked salmon mousse. Place a layer of caviar over salmon mousse.
    Prepare trout mousse, following the same procedure.
    Place on top of salmon mousse and caviar and chill until set.
    Dip the mold in warm water. Invert onto a cold round serving tray. Decorate with chopped aspic jelly. Serve cold.
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