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Much like fashion, web design is constantly changing with trends and fads coming and going. When it comes to creating a website that will make a professional impression, I keep everything up to date and on trend. All sites are professional-looking on mobile devices.



Lots of wonderful things happen around us all the time; being able to see is easy, but being able to capture that very moment is probably the hardest part. A good photo comprise of many things, not only you must hit the shutter at the right time and moment, the perspective, composition and color coordination plays a big role too. Food photopraphy is my specialty. Food doesn’t keep it’s appetizing looks for long so as a photographer I am well prepared and able to shoot quickly after it’s been cooked before it melts, collapses, wilts and/or changes color.
Here is an example Rising to the occasion



Most of us spend hours online everyday, that’s just the nature of being a web designer. However, there’s a whole world of inspiration around us that we tend to forget which are excellent sources that can often be translated into creativity online. I have been busy developing ways to create and sell Ecookbooks. My first release is here Create your own cookbook online AND the salmon Ecookbook. Imminent release to be announced . .

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over 50 Years of Experience



Specialization Course

Hotel Management School of Paris

Graduate cum laude of the Hotel Management School of Paris, an accredited French College. • Was awarded the Curnonsky Prize and a Gold medal as the student of the year at age 19. • Extensive experience in hotels and restaurants in France. • Fluent in English, French; a good knowledge of Spanish.



• French Embassy, Dubin, Ireland • Nassau Beach Hotel, Nassau, Bahamas and other Caribbean Resorts and


Specialization Course

University of Studies

CIA (where they make the pies, not the spies)

TEACHER-CHEF to Culinary Institute of America, New Haven, CT, Hyde Park, NY • Supervised and modernized the French classical cuisine department and other high level culinary functions. • 1971 gold medal award at the Culinary Art Show in N.Y. City, first time awarded to a school.


1996 - Current

Front end-developer

Tailoring user experience. Bringing a designer's concept to life with HTML,CSS,JavaScript and data base management.

2001 - current

Web Designer

As a Private Chef in affluent homes (USA, CANADA, CARIBBEAN) and a Network administrator maintaining computer infrastructures with emphasis on networking. Responsibilities on-site servers, software-network interactions as well as network integrity/resilience were my key areas of focus.

2005 - Current

Graphic Designer

Creating visual concepts, using computer software to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. Developing overall layouts and production designs for various applications.

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Web Design

Graphic Design

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Canada, France, USA
echef@chefdecuisine 'dot' com
Freelance Available. In a world of infinite choice, there is nothing more powerful than connection.

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