Coho: Another Pacific Northwest salmon type valued for its delicate texture and flavor, and large size. It has a flesh that's orange-red in color, and can be found in the coastal waters of British Columbia and Alaska. Also known as silver salmon. prized by diners for its mild but distinctive flavor. The most widely available autumn fresh salmon.
Life history:
Most coho spend 1.5 years in fresh water and 1.5 years at sea, although a small percentage of males, called "jacks," stay only 6 months in salt water. Unlike other salmon fry, young coho are colorful, with orange bellies and black and white bordered fins. Their colors aid them in territorial displays; they are the most aggressive of all salmon fry, both to their own and other species. Once in the oceans, they range from northern California to Alaska. Coho are very powerful, and can jump waterfalls that most salmon cannot negotiate. They migrate back to their home stream in late summer and fall then spawn from September through the beginning of November.

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