Sockeye: This species is the third most available after pink and chum, and is noted for its dark, orange-red meat and bold flavor. It's known as red salmon, too. With a deep, natural color, sockeye is lower in fat but still high overall, allowing the flavor to better come through. Many salmon lovers, consider this the best salmon-eating experience.
The Beauties Slim, streamlined, and brilliantly coloured, Sockeye are something to see in the rivers and lakes of the Pacific Northwest. They have always played a major symbolic role in First Nations cultures, and have provided valued subsistence nutrition to them. They are also greatly sought after in the rest of the world for their firm, rich, orange flesh and full flavour, which in some ways has made them the archetype of what salmon 'should' be. Important to commercial fisheries, Sockeye also intrigue sportfishers with their elusive ways, patience, and fight when it comes right down to it! Sockeye weigh from five to 12 lbs at maturity, when they are typically four years old. They range from 20 to 28 inches long. Landlocked Cousins: there is a species of salmon called Kokannee, which is very much like Sockeye in appearance -

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